Archival product - withdrawn from the offer!

Viennese Blend - Fruit candies with imprint

  • Available flavors (flavor mix):
    • Strawberry
    • Malina
    • Cherry
    • Lemon
    • Black currant
    • Orange
  • Sharp and saturated label printing
  • Full color printing possible
  • Coated label paper
  • Label dimension: 62 x 58 mm
  • The amount of candies in 1 kg / about 165 pcs
  • The weight of one candy is about 6 grams
  • 6 months shelf life
  • Minimum order 15 kg / about 2475 pcs
  • Country of origin Poland

Viennese Blend - Advertising boiled sweets with fruit filling, also called Viennese assorti, fruit mix, fruit caramels with filling. Available in a flavor mix. Due to the large amount of candies per kilogram, the Viennese mix is ​​an excellent promotional sweets for mass events. They are an excellent alternative for customers who are looking for a product other than advertising fudge. Tasty, healthy and fruity. Mixture - it's a great idea for a sweet treat on various occasions.