Sultan Chocolates with your logo printed on it

  • Basic chocolate flavors available:
    • Pistachio
    • Chocolate
  • Seasonal chocolate flavors available:
    • Coffee
    • Malaga
    • Pineapple
    • Pomarańczowy
    • Peach
  • Sharp and saturated label printing
  • Full color printing possible
  • Coated label paper
  • Chocolate dimensions: 34 x 34 x 15 mm
  • Band size: 110 x 26 mm
  • Color of aluminum foil on chocolates:
    • Golden
  • Number of chocolates in 1 kg / about 60 pcs
  • The weight of one chocolate is about 16,5 grams
  • 6 months shelf life
  • Minimum order 500 pcs. / Approx. 8,35 kg
  • Country of origin Poland

Additional printing options for chocolates:

  • Embossing the logo with gold foil
  • Embossing the logo with silver foil
sultan chocolates

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Sultan Chocolates - Attractive pralines made of high-quality chocolate, which provide a delicate coating for a fluffy filling in three flavors. Their appearance will satisfy the most demanding customers. Advertising sweets at the highest level. The refined composition of all ingredients ensures an unforgettable taste experience. Top-shelf advertising chocolates - providing an exquisite feast for the palate of demanding and demanding lovers and connoisseurs of chocolate products